X Things = NOT boring

If I'm ever gonna to get this thing started, I guess I need to stop all the mental dilly dallying around about what I'm going to write and how I want to design this thing and just get with it....just do what I do best....write.  Nonsensical, loopy, meandering, stream of consciousness.....WRITE.

Of course, going all stream of consciousness got me into a bit of an awkward situation yesterday when I almost told my not so secret crush I was visualizing him as a lumberjack.  (Seriously, it made sense in my mind, but to spell all it out to him would have sounded even stranger (not leaving the house if it's below 50 degrees, hibernating all winter, turning into a bear, Grizzly Adams....LUMBERJACK!).....so I told him I was picturing him vacuuming in a frilly apron instead.....yeah.)

So let's do a X Things list where X equals a number roughly equivalent to the number of random things I can think of about me before I get bored.

  1. I've done a lot of blogging over the years. 
  2. A LOT
  3. Pretty much every blog I've ever done has a "things" list somewhere. 
  4. Even my FB has a hidden list....two separate lists of 20 actually.  But it's kinda for my eyes only so neener neener neener
  5. Hey lookit that little button up there!  It will do all the fancy formatting of this here numbered list for me!  Thanks little button, you're my best friend!
  6. Even though I like to think of myself as a stickler for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation etc etc etc, I let that all slide when I'm writing for teh interwebs. (6a - the one exception - I often leave the periods off at the end of sentences (but only sentences that end paragraphs).  No, I don't know why.  Yes, this irritates many)) (6b - DOUBLE NESTED PAREN FTW!!!)
  7. For the longest time, I couldn't write without dropping at least one "yo". There was even a poem, Ode to a Yo, which I might share with y'all one day
  8. For now though, my pop culture word of choice is "Imma"....as in "Taylor, Imma let you finish...)
  9. Note that I used the word "word" loosely.
  10. Word
  11. I have two jobs
  12. And three kids
  13. And four cats
  14. 2 + 3 + 4 = One very tired Marie (that's ME!)
  15. No, my name isn't really Marie, it's Vicki.  All will eventually become clear
  16. I'm fighting the good fight against becoming the Crazy Cat Lady of folklore and legend
  17. So far I think I'm winning. 
  18. Others may disagree.  Those others would include my coworkers who have to listen to me tell tales of Gracie, my Primary Cat.  Amy the Bonus Cat.  And Reuben and Mason, the Emergency Backup Cats. 
  19. But I figure, as long as I maintain an active life that does NOT revolve around the cats, that I engage in human interaction with more regularity than I do feline interaction, that I can not be accurately called Crazy Cat Lady
  20. At least, that's what the cats tell me
  21. I titled this blog "Fall Down....BOOM!" because that's what I do
  22. A LOT
  23. Fall down and go boom, that is.
  24. I walk into walls too.
  25. Stoopid walls.
Stay tuned because my next entry will have actual content involving an actual story about actual ME.  Imma write it tomorrow.  Mebbe.


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