Well, well, well.....

Here I am, slacking off again.  It's been, what?  Two weeks this time?    And to make it worse, I haven't even been READING.  Let alone writing.

But!  I has excuses!

Like, bad laptop!  Went kaplooey a few weeks ago.  I was offline for a week while my amazing and wonderful brother worked his magic.

But also, and more significantly?  Turmoil, of the personal sort.  Of the sort that I choose not to write about here because heaven forbid I should make even the most veiled, cloaked in anonymity comment about anyone ever and they get all miffed about it.

(Except Krumpet.  I will talk smack about her until the cows come home cus I love me some Krumpet and I don't care who knows)

So, yeah.  I had a few issues that I needed to wrap up in a tidy little bow and stick under someone ELSE'S Christmas tree.  I still have one teeny tiny unresolved strand and I'm still kinda curious to see how that all turns out, but all the drama-full, emotionally laden stuff?  All done.  Yay.

As promised, I've started poking around Pudd.....jeez, I mean PLENTY of Fish.  Yeah.  I don't know why I keep wanting to call it Puddle of Fish.  ANYWAY.  I've been poking around there, started talking to a couple of guys.  One seems kinda decent and we're supposed to get together the 10th.  (Hey!  I have a crazy ass busy schedule, that's the soonest I can have free, I swear)

But the other?  Oh my.  We've only exhanged a couple of messages so far but this guy?  Is like the male me.  Which might be irritatinng in the long run but since I'm not looking for long-term?  Bring it on, baby.  If I think I am the coolest person on the planet (and I DO!) then to meet someone just like me?  AWESOME.

Plus?  HOT!  Not quiiiiiite tall enough for me (5'11") but I can make a few concessions.


Right about now I feel like I could write at length about my cynisism about the whole dating/relationship thing but I'm halfway through a high octane bomber (Hoppin' Frog oatmeal stout, yum!) and my typing skillz are going downhill FAST and the grey cats are scampering around like crazy critters so Imma wrap this up now and make a promise (that I fully INTEND to keep) that I will come back and post SOMETHING tomorrow.


Krumpet said...
November 29, 2010 at 7:04 PM

Plus if you talk smack about me I'll just call you up and give you whatfor.

You don't want any whatfor, now DO YOU?

Krumpet said...
November 30, 2010 at 5:41 PM

Plus, it is past 'tomorrow' and you didn't post! LIES!

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