My Mighty NEEDS!

Today's Top Ten Tuesday Topic (which is actually being posted on Wednesday because I'm a rulebreaker and REBEL!) (and because Katie said I could) is "Top Ten things I NEED.  Everyday.  Yo"

In no particular order.  But with pictures!


Coffee.  It does a body good.

I've written about my coffee conversion before so there isn't much explanation needed here.  Suffice to say that this is one part of my day that makes morning worthwhile.

Bath Time!

Just as I need coffee to start the day, I need a nice soak in a hot tub to close the day.  (Not so much the candles though.....I'll never understand my gender's fascination with candles).  Sometimes, bathtime is the only chance I get to read all day


Hey, segue!  Look how clever I am!  However, not clever enough to rotate that picture apparently.  And I tried, believe me.  When I uploaded it, it was facing the right direction.  When I added it to this entry?  Not so much.  Anyway.  Those books represent my current library haul, plus a few I've borrowed from Krumpet and Jesus.


....makes the people!  Come together!  MOO-SICK!  Mix the bourgeoisie and the rebels!

My Imagination

I am a big-time daydreamer.  A daydream believer, if you will.  Sadly, I have ZERO talent for fiction writing.  Boggles the mind, really.  I have all these ideas but no ability to get them onto paper.  Huh.


Legalized crack, really.  Where would I be without Facebook?  Do I really NEED it?  Of course not. But do I start twitching if deprived for more than a few hours?  Yuh-HUH!

Teh iPhone

Do I love my iPhone?  Oh yes.  Yes I do.  Do I sometimes forget that not everyone in the world is as continually connected I am?  Ummmm......maybe.  A little.


Life is funny, yo.  Enjoy it.  Sure, we get crap thrown at us.  But hey, poop is funny, right?  At least, if you're a six year old boy.  We should all aspire to be six year old boys and just laugh at the poop.


My baby girl.  My glorified throw rug.  I've had many much cats in my life, but none like Miss Gracie Katt.  Matter of fact, Gracie Katt even has her own Facebook page.  She's a very special kitty cat.  Before the coffee, after the bath, I need to get me some Gracie pets. 

Okay....I know I said these were in no particular order....I meant except for this last one.  Nothing is more imporant folks.


I don't necessarily mean romantic mushy-gushy everlasting love.  I mean, that's fine if you believe in that sort of thing.  I just mean love in general.  Love for friends, family, children, pets, life....and at the very top of the list, more important than anything else....Love for SELF.

(PS - I love the "Love" image and would totally give credit to wherever it came from but I don't know the original source.....hopefully the copyright in the bottom will suffice.  If not...please don't sue me, Hugh Dude....I love you, Man!)



katie said...
November 10, 2010 at 3:57 PM

This is a super great list! I too need my tech fix on the daily. I guess I would LIVE without it, but I would have a case of the sads.

And I love the love. :)

Just Plain Tired said...
November 11, 2010 at 9:54 AM

All seem reasonable to me, especially the last one.

Liz said...
November 12, 2010 at 7:25 PM

I gave up Facebook when I started blogging. You are awesome that you still do both!

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