Dating! With CAAAAATS!

So the thing with the CAAAAATS guy?  Yeah, not happening. 

So!  Moving on!

I've decided to dip my toe into the whole online dating thing.  Eh, why not?  If the comments I recieved after the CAAAAATS post (both here and elsewhere) have told me anything, it's that there's humor gold in them tharr dating hills.  Good enough for me!

I thought about going with OK Cupid!  I had set up a profile with them about five years ago, mostly as a lark.  Here, if you're so inclined, read this, I'll wait.  (However, I must warn you there are disturbing images.  Truly, scary stuff).

So yeah....that's the story of how I came to find OK Cupid! in the first place.  I did go ahead and set up a profile there.  And I found.....Polyamorous Leo.  So called because he looked like Leo from All My Children (AKA Josh Duhamel, my pretend TV Boyfriend) and because....well, you can figure the polyamorous part out for yourselves I'm sure.

(and here we pause this entry so that we can gaze in rapt wonder upon my beloved Josh.  ::swoon::)

So yeah.....I decided to go with Plenty of Fish this time around since I've heard good stuff about them.  And because, so far, their quizzes have not insulted me.

Of course, I had to set up a new email address because I am very stalkable under my current email address.  My new email and username?  mariehascaaats - except not really because Marie isn't my real name, it's just the name I've been using for bloggy purposes and there was initially a REASON for that and it was a GOOD reason, I swear, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside so I'm going to resume using my ACTUAL name going forward.

So.  Hi, y'all!  My name is Vicki.  Pleased to meet'cha.

(Of course, if you clicked on the link up there for my old blog, you probably figured that out already.  Y'all are smart like that!)

Now all I need to do is figure out what to write.  I'm afraid that  "Looking for a man who doesn’t want kids, doesn’t want to get married, doesn’t want to live together and just wants to hang out on a casual basis with occasional sleepovers" will bring in nothing but skeeves.

I don't like skeeves.  They're....skeevy.


Cat said...
November 17, 2010 at 4:20 PM

Um...I've heard that Plenty of Fish - skeevesville =/
I used Ok Cupid til I retired from dating. I imagine I'll go back when I un-retire. Good luck - and good stories to come!

NATALIE said...
November 17, 2010 at 5:12 PM

Well hello Vicki! I like FallDown Girl as well though . . .Keep us posted!

Just Plain Tired said...
November 19, 2010 at 10:03 AM

I don't think I could venture into the online dating scene. But then I'm old and stuff.

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